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I'm Running a Full Marathon

I have been running more than a year now. I have completed a couple of 10km run’s and 1 half marathon last year in September. Completing a half marathon has been my greatest achievement till date when it comes to running. Running helps me to be courageous, test my endurance and gives me a purpose.

In the year 2018, I am registered as a participant to run a marathon which is 42.19kms or 26.21miles at the TATA MUMBAI MARATHON. It is one of the biggest running events celebrated in India.

A marathon is a long way which will test your ability mentally, emotionally and physically. I want this marathon to be special with a bigger purpose which will not just change my life but hundreds more. I want to use this medium to fundraise for an organization which is really close to my heart. The Fishermen Trust, has been working for 10 years now with a goal to change the lives of thousands of underprivileged young adults and children by giving them an opportunity to explore nature and their own limits. They focus on providing leadership, life skills, experiential training. I believe in their work and I feel I can contribute my part.

Please help me raise ₹2,50,000 and contribute towards this bigger purpose. A simple ₹100 will also go a long way in reaching this target. I will be sharing my experience in preparing for the marathon. Please be my partners in changing the world.

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