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My journey from 87kgs to 73kgs. I have always believed in ONE LIFE and how important PURPOSE of our life is vital in making decisions. I recall a year back when I had embarked on a journey to lose weight and get healthy. I was consuming too many biryanis which increased my weight to 87 kgs. I felt lethargic, unhealthy and unfocused most of the time. I knew something had to be done and with the help of a friend I started working out and eating healthy. It was one of the most painful yet fruitful experiences of my life. My purpose engulfed me completely and pushed me to a better healthy body every day. My friends and family were stunned by the change and praised my determination. In some months I was down to 73 kgs and participating in runs, bike rides, treks, climbing and so on. I was back to healthy ME and doing things I had only imagined before.

So why I am telling you all this now. Because I see how the pursuit of a purpose changed my life. I was able to improve my body and do things I had never imagined before. We all have only one life to make a difference and every day is a new opportunity. I have decided to run behind a bigger purpose of changing lives of underprivileged youth and children now. But I can’t do it without you. If you are my friend, family, classmate or believe in my purpose please help me reach the goal of Rs 3,00,000. Help FishermenTrust by investing in our country’s future. Even a small contribution of Rs1000 would go far in the development of these young minds.

During this festive season I request you to please donate and invest in those who need your support. Make this a memorable year! Remember there is only one life to make a difference

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