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Small Steps take us far

As I start preparing for 42.19kms run, I focus on pushing my mind and body to a whole new high. I have never run 42.19kms and just the thought of it scares me. Last year, after running my first half-marathon (21kms ) in 2 hours 15 mins it left my body aching, painful and crying for rejuvenation. I slept the rest of the day.

So how is it to run a half marathon? its plain hard and even though there were great moments it was also accompanied with times where I was utterly bored while running. 42.19 kms is going to be serious business and people get into it after a lot of thought. You just don’t do a marathon but you prepare yourself mentally and physically for it. Also marathons are just too long and boring. Every step takes you closer to your goal. I am assuming I will be running for 4-5 hours and there will be many small steps which I will have to take patiently and in the best way.

I am also coming to believe raising funds for a charity is quite similar. Its not easy and I need to continue taking small steps to reach the bigger goal. I am talking to everyone I know and asking is not easy. But what keeps me going is the belief I have in ‘The Fishermen Trust’. They just love helping youth and children who have no way of exploring the great outdoors and getting trained on leadership and life skills. I know it looks similar to the work many other NGOs do or talk about. But sometimes you just have to look closer to see if the work is insightful and laying seeds for long investment. If you’ve ever talked to any of the employees at Fishermen Trust you would know how passionate they are about this work. They are wonderful people who believe they can give better lives by nurturing them early on.

I was fortunate to have a family who cared, paid for my education and supported me. I went to the best school, received college education and worked at high paying jobs. Many of you have the same story as mine. So why cant we see more than ourselves and donate to give someone else that life. Will you plant a seed with Fishermen Trust and change the world for better? Please donate to this cause

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