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Over The Mountains, Under The Stars In Nagaland

“It was during a cold winter, in the first week of February 2016, Four people from “The Fishermen Trust” visited Khonoma Village to share the love of God with the children and the Youth of Baptist Church, Khonoma. They were all friendly and loving people lead by a huge giant name, Mr. Rajashekar Moorthy.

I spent three days with them as a volunteer in the children’s camp in which more than a hundred children attended and were blessed. I spent another three days as a camper in the youth camp. We went trekking for two days enjoying the surrounding nature. Their ways of conducting camp was very different from what we were used to. We participated in different activities which have a moral to teach and learn in our spiritual life.

I have learnt many things during the camp, but what really touched and inspired me was that we should be anchored in God, so that whatever temptation we face, we will not be blown away by the wave of temptation and if we are properly connected with God we are under God’s care and we remain secured. We matter to God.

I met “The Fishermen Trust” as strangers and we depart as brothers. “EACH HOUR I SPENT WITH THEM IS WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD” May God bless “The Fishermen Trust” and continue to use them. “

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