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Early morning

While completing a practice run to cubbon park and back this morning, I was reminded about why I run. 2016 is when I started running with an objective to lose weight and just fell in love with running. Every time I run I can free my head, push my body limits, hear the birds chirping and most of the time experience what is known as ‘Runners high’ A point of absolute bliss!

I am not saying running is easy, it is quite hard. However, the reason you run makes a big difference. As I trained every day, I could focus on my cause and my run.

I hear now and then how difficult it is to run. I agree it is not everybody’s cup of tea however it is also true you can learn to love running. I am excited and scared at the same time about my first full marathon this Sunday. During my 34kms run this morning, I could hear my mind crying out to stop and just rest. However my WHY still kept me going on. A full marathon is not a joke and is only tried by a few. As I run this Sunday for Fishermen trust I will keep my WHY close to my heart and run to complete 42.19kms. I thank all for the wonderful contributions and support. This Sunday is going to be really special for me.

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